Christine Longo, DVM, MBA

I’m Dr. Christine Longo.

Happy to be the experienced, caring relief veterinarian your practice needs.

Dr. Christine Longo loves both dogs and cats. She is Fear Free certified.

I have the expertise, compassion and work ethic you’ve been looking for.

  • 16 years of veterinary experience
  • extensive general practice experience
  • 3 years of staff training experience
  • 2 years of wildlife rehabilitation experience
  • DEA license and USDA accreditation
  • licenses in Alabama, Mississippi and Texas
  • professional liability insurance

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from the exam room to the surgery suite…

The experienced and expedient relief veterinarian your practice deserves.

small animal medicine • appointments • routine dentistry • sedated procedures • spay • neuter • small mass removal • behavior consultations • cold laser therapy • emergency care • wildlife medicine • more

Proud to be a veterinarian my colleagues can trust.

“Her commitment to quality patient care is exceptional. She is an excellent communicator and our clients have been very happy.”

“Dr. Longo has been working with us since February of 2020. As the managing veterinarian of two practices, the thing I appreciate most about Dr. Longo is that she truly cares about the way our practice runs as a whole. She goes over and above to help train staff and and positively contribute to the day-to-day procedures. In this year of dealing with so many necessary changes due to COVID concerns, Dr. Longo has been a wonderful asset to our practice and has done much to contribute to new protocols and safety measures. I am grateful to work with her and would recommend her services without reservation.”


Dr. Catherine Turberville,  
Managing Veterinarian

“Colony Animal Clinic has been truly blessed to have Dr. Longo be a part of our staff. She is a kind and compassionate veterinarian who provides excellent care for her patients, whether it be in a wellness exam, a complex medical case or a surgery where attention to detail is imperative. Dr. Longo’s heart and mind are always focused on what needs to be done to ensure the animals who are entrusted to her care have the best outcome possible. She is a mentor to our staff and goes above and beyond the call of duty to teach in a patient and professional manner. Dr. Longo is a team player who gets along with everyone and our clients are always happy with her care. Colony is grateful to have her at our clinic any time we’re fortunate enough to get her and l would highly recommend her if you are in need of a relief vet for your practice.”


Dr. William Morrison,  

What do clients say?

“Dr. Longo rocks! I have known her for many years. She is a super vet who is extremely caring and compassionate. I got to know her while working cat TNR for the SPCA. She has also been one of my vets for the many senior Boston Terriers I have fostered.”

Katherine Wilson


“Dr. Longo isn’t just a vet… She is a loving, caring family member that is loved by all of us. Ellie May (my dog) and Dr. Longo’s relationship was the greatest. All I had to say to her is ‘Want to go see Dr. Longo?’ and she would go straight to the car and jump in! Dr. Longo’s love and caring relationship meant the world to Ellie and me.”

Peggy Seymour


Your practice deserves the best.

I know your vet practice is precious to you.

I’ll work well with your staff, empathize with your clients and treat your patients as if they were my pets.

Your practice deserves a relief vet with earnest priorities like a warm bedside manner, gracious communications with staff and clients, and effective time management skills.

Ready for a friendly and reliable relief veterinarian? Contact me.

Dr. Chris Longo with her pets.

Fast facts

Booking policies
  • Surgeries: let’s work together for several shifts before we discuss booking surgeries.
  • If one shift is booked, payment is expected on the day of service.
  • If multiple consecutive shifts are booked, payment may be made at the end of the period worked.
  • Cancellations made less than 30 days in advance are subject to cancellation fees unless they are due to weather or health reasons.
  • More information is available by contacting me.
Licenses + accreditation

1. Alabama state license
2. Mississippi state license
3. Texas state license
4. DEA license
5. USDA accreditation


1. Professional liability insurance
2. Health insurance

Professional memberships

1. American Veterinary Medical Association
2. American Association of Feline Practitioners
3. Mississippi Animal Response Team
4. South Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association
5. Mobile County Veterinary Medical Association

Education + training

1. Veterinary degree: Texas A&M University
2. Master of Business Administration: University of St. Thomas
3. Undergraduate degree: Auburn University
4. Fear Free Elite certification
5. Sophia Yin Low Stress Handling Certified Silver
6. Cat Friendly Veterinarian (American Association of Feline Practitioners)

Get in touch.

I’d be honored to help your practice.

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Tidbits about my life:

My favorite adventure took me to:

Sicily. I went there when I traced my genealogy. I love to travel!

I just can't get enough of:

hiking, horseback riding, reading, and time with my family.

I spend my weekends:

enjoying the great outdoors with my beloved dogs and my treasured companion, Richard.

My artistic side includes:

my love of the guitar, singing, and outdoor photography. I enjoy being in front of the camera as well as behind it. : )

I couldn't live without:

my quartet of pets:

Phinn (American Staffordshire terrier), Patti (Australian cattledog/hound mix), Snippy (orange tabby), and George (black long-haired cat)…

and their two-legged friend, Richard : )